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Borough of Rochester Permits

Find forms for permit applications as well as guidance regarding applications for various construction projects. For additional assistance, please call the borough office.

Building and Zoning Permit Application

Zoning Permit Instructions

Conditional Use Application

Commercial and Multi-Family Customer Guidelines

Existing Commercial and Multi-Family Customer Guidelines

Decks Guidelines

Demolition Assistance Guidelines

Demolition Permit Application

Detached Accessory Structures Guidelines

Manufactured and Industrialized Housing Customer Guidelines

Residential Additions Guidelines

Sidewalk and Curb Construction Specifications

Sidewalk Permit Application

Signs Guidelines

Sign Ordinance

Sign Permit Application

Single-Family Dwellings Guidelines

Solar Arrays Customer Guidelines

Solicitation Permit Application

Street Opening Permit Application

Street Dumpster Permit Application

Swimming Pools Guidelines

Yard-Garage Sale Permit Application

Zoning Ordinance (Complete)

Zoning Variance Application

Zoning Use Certification Application

Worker's Compensation Exemption

Zoning Amendment Application

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