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Landlord Registration Program

Rochester Borough established a Landlord Registration Program by ordinance in 2006. Every Landlord is required to do the following:

  • register and license each non-owner-occupied dwelling unit (whether occupied or not) with the Borough prior to any occupancy.

  • to keep and maintain all non-owner-occupied dwelling units in compliance with all applicable codes and provisions of all applicable State laws and regulations and local ordinances and to keep such property in good and safe condition at all times.

  • to complete and submit a Status of Occupancy Report detailing the addresses, number of units and the names of all the adult occupants for each unit.

  • to complete and submit a new Status of Occupancy Report when a change in status occurs (leasing a currently unoccupied unit, leasing to a new tenant, etc.).

  • it shall be unlawful for any Landlord to operate or cause to be occupied any non-owner-occupied dwelling unit within the Borough of Rochester without first having the dwelling unit registered and licensed.

  • to maintain the property (not tenant’s responsibility): keep all grass areas cut; hedges, shrubs and tree trimmed; and to prohibit the accumulation of trash, garbage, and debris. The landlord will be cited for any violations.

    There is a $50 annual registration fee for each non-owner-occupied dwelling unit (whether occupied or not). The Borough’s Deputy Code Officer or other designated official shall inspect each non-owner- occupied dwelling unit at least once every 3 years. The Landlord and/or occupant shall cooperate with the Borough Official to setup an inspection date when needed. A license shall be revoked for any of the following: non-payment of annual fee, is not current on water, sewer and garbage fees, does not complete an accurate occupant listing, does not correct code violations cited by the Borough Official or comply with any other applicable State or Local laws. A fine of not less than $300 nor more than $1,000 shall be imposed for each offense. Any property owner who has entered into any land owner agreement or the like with the tenant is still considered a Landlord and must comply with all the requirements of the Landlord Registration Program until such time as the property is sold out right to the tenant.

    This Program is intended to provide a safe and orderly environment for all the tenants and residents of Rochester Borough.

Landlord Occupancy Report Form

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