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Rochester Borough Officials

The Borough of Rochester is governed by an eight person council. Council members serve four year staggered terms in office. The Mayor is elected to a four year term and is responsible for providing feedback from the community, providing administrative overview of the Police Department, and participating in Council meetings where he/she may vote in the event of a tie.

Rochester Borough Council meets once a month on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 PM. Meetings are held in the Rochester Borough Municipal Building, 350 Adams Street.

Council members and the mayor may be reached by calling the Rochester Borough Municipal Building at (724) 775-1200.


Mayor Keith Jackson (Term expires 12/31/2025)

Council President Dave Alford (Term expires 12/31/2025) 

Council Vice President Toni Bucher (Term expires 12/31/2027)

Council Members

Chad Rape (Term expires 12/31/2027)

Don Brothers  (Term expires 12/31/2027)

Jodi Hemer (Term expires 12/31/2025)

Sam Piccinini (Term expires 12/31/2027)

Rico Elmore (Term expires 12/31/2025)

Renee Simmons (Term expires 12/31/2025)


Solicitor: Paul Steff

Manager: John Barrett

Police Department - Sergeant Shane (724) 775-1100

Engineer: Widmer Engineering, 806 Lincoln Place, Beaver Falls (724) 847-1696

Real Estate Tax Collector: Donna Robson, 415 Vermont Ave, Rochester (724) 774-1509

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