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Tax Collection Information


Effective January 1, 2012, Commonwealth Act 32 of 2008 revamped the system of collecting Earned Income Tax (EIT) across Pennsylvania.  Act 32 reduced the number of statewide collectors from 560 to 69 tax collection districts (TCD) and restructured how EIT is collected.  All employers (large and small) are required to withhold EIT from all employees.  The tax rate is determined by the employee's place of residency.

Berkheimer Tax Administrator was selected by the Beaver County Tax Collection Committee (BCTCC) as the Tax Officer for Beaver County.  The role of the employee in this new collection system is to keep their employer aware of their residency at all times.  Employees, that are Borough residents, are required to complete a tax residency certification form and indicate their residency as the Borough of Rochester, political subdivision code 041202.  The actual process of withholding, remitting, and collection of tax dollars is put into the hands of the employer and the collector.

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Per Capita Tax Collection

Berkheimer Tax Administrator is also responsible for the collection of all Rochester Borough per capita taxes as well as the Borough's portion of the School District per capita taxes.  Per capita tax  is applicable to any resident over the age of 18 that has completed high school.

Borough and School District per capita tax notices are sent out on a combined bill in July of each year. The fee for the per capita tax is $14.70 if paid in July or August and $15.00 if paid in September or later.  Additionally, a $10.00 resident occupation tax is assessment to every employed individual.  Residents 65 years of age or older are exempt from paying the per capita tax.  However, employed residents 65 years of age or older must still pay the $10.00 resident occupation tax.  After a reasonable length of time, any unpaid per capita taxes are turned over to a collection agency.  New residents or residents meeting the age requirements should notify Berkheimer.

Real Estate Tax Collection

Real estate taxes for both the Borough and the Rochester Area School district are collected by an elected tax collector.

Borough tax bills are sent out every February, with February and March as the discount period.  School District tax bills are sent out every July, with July and August as the discount period.  Partial Payments are accepted for School District real estate taxes .  Unpaid taxes will be filed with the Tax Claims Bureau of Beaver County at the end of December each year.

When a property owner moves, it is requested that the Real Estate Tax Collector be contacted and advised of the address change.

The Real Estate Tax Collector, Donna Robson, may be reached by calling (724) 774-1509 or by visiting her office located at 415 Vermont Avenue, Rochester.  Office hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from  5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  Additionally, the office is open on the last two Thursdays in April and August from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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